What We Do

Commander Oilfield Services is a premium provider of high pressure pumping services for completions and production activities. We offer pumping services from 1,000HP to 2,600HP in support of coil tubing, wireline, acid and general well pumping services. Our focus on customer service, quality equipment, and safe & compliant operations, combined with our creative pumping solutions, will deliver best value for any of your oilfield requirements.


Icon Coil Tubing Support

Providing primary or backup horsepower for coil tubing operations – 1,000hp pumps, or larger, with various options like mixing tubs and remote control capabilities for all coil support needs


Icon Acidizing

Providing pumping and transport services of acid & well treatment chemicals for services ranging from routine well maintenance to high pressure well completions as well frac & drilling operations support.


Icon Pump Downs

Pumping support for wireline services in all stages of the horizontal frac operation. Our fleet of 2,600hp pumps provide reliable & efficient hydraulic horsepower throughout the completion process.


Icon Toe Prep

Reliable, mobile pumping services to properly prepare the first stage, or “toe,” of the well in advance of frac operations.


Icon Custom Pump Solutions

Our experienced team, which possesses a broad background of oilfield services, combined with a flexible, “can do” attitude creates an environment for unique or innovative high pressure pumping solutions.


Icon Rental Pumps

When all that is needed is raw pumping horsepower, rental solutions are available for your needs.

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